Monday, 1 April 2013

Lumia 920 top accessories in current gadget market

(1)Nokia Wireless Charger for car

Make your lumia more better 
Make your life safe when you are driving car.Its provide better feature to lumia also every human which keep  
Lumia. Change your life with mobility (phone + wireless charger) . keep away wires from your phone and take wireless charger for you lumia 920 .


  • Wireless so don't worry about cable problems
  • Safe your Lumia Hardware because if charging port damaged then other related part also damaged
  • Safe your lumia outer body because its  hold smoothly 
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(2) Wireless Charging Plate:

Put your phone down to this wireless charging plate and see that your phones is continue in charging . No word about that gadgets because its classic and awsome . 

Some technical features about that gadgets

  • 120mm Height x 60 mm width x 11mm Thickness
  • 93 gram weight
  • Charging Indicator , indicates charging is running or not
  • Energy efficient charger
  • 300mA charger input current
  • 750mA charger output current
  • Wireless connectivity

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(3)Pillow wireless charging  for nokia lumia 920

Safe and charge  your lumia with pillow by fatboy. Keep away from dust.
Some specific feature :

  • 190mm height x 140 mm Width x 30 mm Thickness
  • Free of pvc
  • Wireless
  • 2.5 mm charging conector
  • Energy efficient charger
  • 112 gram Weight.


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