Monday, 27 May 2013

3 Crore 70 Lakh's a computer which is going on scatheless today without any problem

Today era the technology is changing day by day in strang way time to time.There are some people who moves  the technology  ahead its time period.They do and made the work in such a way that become history.

There the Science and Arts both are the different streams and there seen a little when the Arts are mixed in Science. So the invention of wonderful and unique things are developed in craziness.
Steve Jobs and Steve Vojnia are two people who comes in categories of madness. If they use only technology then the Apple Brand would not be such popular.

Steve Jobs and Steve Vojnia made the first modal of Apple computer. who named Apple 1 and the cost of its only PCB board was 36630 Indian rupees. Then Cash, keyboard,Screen has to purchase separately.
You will be surprised that the first original model Apple1 made in 1976 was brought in 3 Crore 70 Lacs rupees by Germany's auction house breaker who are the one of  lover of technology.

Apple's Steve Jobs and Steve Vojniak was built the first model  in the garage. First Apple model sold in 3 Crore and 70 Lacs in  addition to the original purchaser owns the computer, Steve Jobs was given by Fred Hatfield also have to meet letter.

In Starting the Apple1 model was discarded by the all big names of companies but owner of bite shop Terrell paul  don't disappointed to Apple's Steve Jobs and Steve Vojniak. 

Terrell within 30 days were ordered 50 Apple 1 computer. 1.67 a day, the two friends were assembling computers day by day.


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