Saturday, 11 May 2013

Amazon unveils kindle smartphone with 3D screen

A new report indicates that Amazon is working on a smartphone, possibly dubbed the 'Kindle Phone', with a holographic display.The Kindle smartphone suggest that Amazon’s Lab 126 is actually developing two handsets: one is going to be an average smartphone, whereas the other is claimed to be a premium model with autostereoscopic 3D screen. Instead, a retina-tracker would follow the movement of the user's eyeballs, and render images on the display as "three-dimensional at all angles."

The high-end Amazon Kindle smartphone will use retina-tracking technology to form autostereoscopic 3D image.
But it does make sense that the company would want to get into the smartphone game. After all, the Kindle Fire line of tablets, which undercuts the more advanced Apple iPad on price, has been proved "pretty " successful.

Amazon Kindle Smartphone key specifications

> Smartphone
> Set top box
> Audio-streaming device
> High-end smartphone with S3D display


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