Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Flipkart, announced that it would shut down Flyte,that is a digital music store

Indian Big E-commerce company announced that it would shutDown flyte, that is digital music store. that music store compete with iTune store. But due to some reason FlipKart shutdown own flyte store . Those reasons are :
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  • Musical Piracy or easy micro payments
Mekin Maheshwari ( head of digital media and payments at Flipkart)
 said to ,"We have realized the music downloads business in India will not reach scale unless several problem areas such as music piracy and easy micro-payments etc are solved in great depth".

Flipkart allows digital locker to customer for purchasing e-books or music songs etc . doesn't provides credit or debit card facility which is time consuming.
According to Maheshwari Flyte launched in February last year. Flyte provide best service to own customer.

17 june 2013 Flyte customer receive an email that Flyte services would be shutdown due to some specific reason which is mentioned in above .Also Flyte says to own customers that We request you to use your Flyte Wallet balance, if any, by that date. But if for some reason you are unable to do this then not to worry. We will refund the unused Flyte wallet balance to you.

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