Friday, 31 May 2013
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Reason behind Apple which made it the world's most innovative company

Apple Employers Revealing that how apple made it the world's most innovative company. Apple employers say something about own experience in apple that They hide information to other vendor companies .
i couldn't tell something about company deals to my wife . She work at IBM company so I did not want to know any move our company to the vendor.She would never know what I'm on project. said Robert (Employer at Apple)

I worked many years for Apple .You know that if you want to complete your project then hide secure information to other people or companies So Security team applied on project employer .if you break any type of rule then you lost you job. said Brian joshi  (Employer at Apple)

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  1. Came here from a all CAPS COMMENT LINK that had nothing to do with the article I was reading.

    Of course this article has little value what so ever.

    I wish there were fines for spamming this stupid crap all over the internet. PC Gadgetworld you should be ashamed of this journalist.


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