Monday, 20 May 2013

The feat of Indian Girl: Mobile device will be charge in 20 seconds

Isha khare: The Indian girl whose age is only 18 years and reading in 12th standred but done such type of work that can't be done by olders. she make an invent a new charger though which the mobile device will be charge in only 20 secondes so the multi-international companies like Google ,Intel etc will be accepted the the ossm work of Isha.

The big companies of mobile are facing  theproblem of battery but they have no solution later the Isha make the solutin of this. so she won the the Intel foundation young scientist prize regarding this invent so she gave 50000 dallor in cash money prize.

Isha Khare is 18 years old student lives in Kaliforniya of Indian origin has demonstrate her invent lst week in Intel International science and engineering  fair.The size so small yet the device can chage the mobile device in 20 secondes.

Ishe's more convient device is its initial phase in which a super capacitor is installed if it is going in right direction futur the it will be more effective and more convient to make a successfull mobile charger with less cost.
Neno chemistry student  Isha is donig more less size and  due to its flexible nature and property this device can be used in foldable disply,clothsand  fabrics etc things.

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