Thursday, 13 June 2013

Alert: Stay safe your smart phone from High Tech Threats or cheating in buying of smart phone in India

There are buyers cheating in India when they buy samsung galaxy s4  in they get half the memory space rather than paying full price. On this phone there 16 GB internal memory is given but its half memory is already full by the installed applications and softwares.

So the user can download new apps on the phone memory only 9.15 GB due to its already memory this is the main drawback of samsung galaxy s4 smart phone but the company is going to plan to solve this problem  by update its software.

After the software updated the apps can be shifted into the SD card thatswhy users can use the remaining 9.23 GB memory space in this phone.

After the update, the phone will have a semi-Transparent notification bar from which user can easily make a smart pause ON or OFF.

This phone OS first update in Jerman Snapdragon phone and running  S4 users have to wait.

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