Thursday, 27 June 2013

New Asus Transformer Pad With Strong Features So best To Buy

Asus Transformer Pad  is the new generation gadget. It is the best like others received products of Asus. So it is appraised and where we find great features in it thats why we will like it.

Asus Transformer Pad

It is an interactive device in 10.1-inch IPS display. The device quality display, wide viewing angle and contrast ratio is very  good. This class is much better than other tablets. The device is 1280 * 800 pixels resolution.

asus hd pad

Operating System

This device is based on Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and can be upgraded to 4.2 Jelly Bean. Its home screen looks very impressive and comfortable. So we can say it is an  user friendly product. The application is loaded with great ease and speed. 
And  this device is quite light and can be portable with its QWERTY board  through which is also made ​​available whenever we  need to be attached.

asus T Pad

Processor and Looks

Transformer pad is equipped with Nvidia tegra 3 quad-core processor. and its processing capacity is 1.2 GHz. The tablet has a 1 GB DDR3 RAM. 
Device performance is very  good  in particularly in gaming fun.

It has a micro HDMI port so it can be connected to HD TV or monitor and a full-screen Android games can be enjoyed on it. It does not look like the iPad but it is not much lower the ipad.


There is no problem even in multi-tasking. In Transformer pads there the WiFi, Bluetooth, accelerometers and GPS connectivity etc are present. 


The device has a 1.2 mp front facing camera and its performance is average.But there  is also 8 mp  rear camera which is very good  in terms of performance.

asus HD Pad

Battery Backup

Asus Transformer Pad battery backup is very  good. After once full charging  the device can be run  up more than 10 hours. The device can be used upto 8 hrs in heavy use. In terms of overall backup pad transformer you will have no complaints.

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