Monday, 3 June 2013

Nokia lumia 720 Recommended accessories : Save the world from darkness

Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder : CR 200

Charge your phone without connecting cables,No more fiddling with cables, just place your phone in the charger and go.Keep safe your phone from scratch or dust .
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Nokia wireless charging plate : DT 900
Charging your lumia  has never been simpler because lumia is too soft . Just place on the charging plate and your phone charges wirelessly.
Available in different colours with good designand  style .

Simply put your phone down on the plate. That’s all you have to do. A light indicator shows you when your phone is fully charged and ready to take away.

Available at best price 3599.00 rs

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Nokia Wireless charging Pillow by Fatboy  : DT 901

Now put your phone down on the charging pillow and it will be recharged wirelessly. Playful and stylish, co-branded with the Fatboy designer furniture brand, pillows are available in a choice of different colours.

Available at best price 5499.00 rs

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