Monday, 24 June 2013
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Sony's initiative to launch new Smart Watch at Shanghai Expo

sony smart watch

As usual we know about Sony there is always something is new and in new way. Now Sony is going to launch a one more gadget. As expected Sony is going to his new home announce new smart watch at Mobile Asia Expo, in Shanghai . 
The sony make the plan to blast in expo market to launch smart watch and its production.This will be the second time the company is planning to start production of the Smart Watch.

But there is one thing niticeable that  Sony is going to organised the event together in Shanghai and Germany. Known reports of Japan announced the company may Fablet Apana 6.44 inches. Sony Smart Watch was derived that can be worn in the past year. It will be the second time that Sony is taking this kind of watch. It is expected that Sony would quite like to watch people.
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