Monday, 17 June 2013
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TRAI announcement regarding roaming voice calls and text sms

TRAI cuts the ceiling for national roaming calls and SMSs and instituted a new regime for providing flexibility to service providers. The TRAI has announced the quite relief in the roaming charges but the totality but it is not free at all.
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Monday declared  lowered national mobile phone roaming charges for voice calls and SMS. But, cell phone users wouldn’t be able to enjoy free national roaming now. 
Roaming tariff has now been cut to Rs 1 per minute for outgoing local calls and Rs 1.50 per minute for outgoing STD calls. Earlier the roaming tariff was fixed at Rs 1.40 per minute for outgoing local calls and Rs 2.40 per minute for STD calls.
The customs tariff for those who available in national roaming services through STV (Special Tariff Vouchers) and combo vouchers, Roaming tariff for incoming calls have been cut of Rs 1.75 per minute to 75 paise per minute, while outgoing local SMSs would be charged at Rs 1 per SMS and outgoing STD SMSs at Rs 1.50. Incoming SMSs remain free.


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