Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fingerprint Sensor, Airdrop and Various apps are added in apple's iOS 7 beta 4.

After lost its top position of most profitable company, Apple is coming again in the market with its new iOS 7 including several new and different apps. Apple lovers will definitely give a worm welcome to iOS 7 and its features. Most exciting and awaiting app is fingerprint sensor. It would likely to available on the iPhone’s Home button.

You will find new in iOS 7 beta 4.
As always expected from Apple, this time also Apple introduce many new and different apps in iOS 7 beta 4, some of these are:

Lock screen: Now confusing of up arrow is no longer, now lock screen tweaked.
Animation: Animations are surely faster than previous one.
Notification center: New option "Completed uploads" is provided in this device. In notification center you can new swipe between all missed calls of the day.
Message: You will see only first letters or the last name of the person chatting with you.
Camera: HRD on/off button is relocated in the new camera app.

Music App:  Music app get Shuffle all songs, option again.
Reminder app: New search bar is provided in reminder app.
Settings app: Improved navigation.
New icon: A new airplay icon is available in iOS 7.
Spotlight UI: Small changes to spotlight UI.
Privacy section: In privacy section of setting new “improve maps” option in program.
App icon: App icon of Tweaked.
Dial assist: It is new feature in phone app.
Filter: Filters in camera app now accessible for iIphone 4s.
Maps app: Now maps app gives you idea of probable driving time to location.
i Tunes radio: New option of ‘Play Explicit’ added in iTunes radio.
Siri: New siri has a new voice notification.
Airdrop: You have now option to select a sound and vibration pattern for AirDrop alerts.
Frequent location: In setting a new option is added “Frequent location”.

These are the main changes made in iOS7 beta 4. Some minor changes like, Newsstand UI, new Q&A section in siri’s info sheet, reading list, shared links icon in safari app etc. also added to iOS 7 to improve the performance of iOS.


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