Sunday, 28 July 2013

MechWarrior Online: A New Action Simulation Game with powerful war machine in the battle is under Development

MechWarrior Online is an Action Simulation Game which is in beta version and the big thing is, it is free to play for the game users. This game’s development is under process by Russ Bullock, president of Piranha Games, and this game will be used in Microsoft Windows platform.

Scheduled release of this game has been confirmed in between August last week to October first week 2013, by Piranha Games. It is also a client side game which hand over the control of some powerful machines to the player in the battlefield. The image shows an example of powerful war machine used in the game.

MechWarrior Online is a real time game in which the days are equal to our real life days, e.g. July 28, 2013 will be equal to July 28, 3049 and so on. If a user have played this game a whole day according to this game it means user spent a whole day in his/her real life.

There are some modes in this game like Conquest mode or VS mode. Each mode have its own technique to fight and also have options to change some of the tactics in the mode. There should be 8 players in each of the team and chances of success are depend on unceasing communication between the teammates.

The team, which is fighting well, will have its own universe because the game have a feature of dynamic world. As the team face more enemies in the battle, there is an option to upgrade the team’s game with new weapons, shell and other upgrades. This game also have some more options like long range fire support, various weight classes and more that can be used according to need of team job.


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