Tuesday, 30 July 2013

New Upheaval in Technology world is going on with new Launching of a Wearing camera

Using a camera, which can be wearable easily and one can visit anywhere without the headache of losing or forgive anywhere, sounds good. Just wear it and take a picture when you want, with a single click.

Wearing Technology, the market is still undefined but are accepted by more than geeks and gadgets in the market. The word “Wearable” is sounds confusing in the technology world but today the market is going in the forward direction only.

In the technology world the new technique (Wearable technology) in gadgets is growing much more in compare with other techniques. According to this technology, just worn the gadget on the body and it will do everything from body performance and movement. There are many gadgets in the market which can be wearable doesn't matter it is a Google glass or eye watch of Sony.

Source: dainikbhaskar

This new wearable camera has been developed with some special features like it has capacitive sensors, high resolution etc. This new wearable camera is of approx. 5 MP and can capture up to 1800 most valuable moments of your life. If we talk about the Google glass then it has features of record videos, showing messages including the feature of taking pictures. Google glass can find required information for the user, provide feature of Google maps and more.

This wearing camera may become an essential tool in protecting public safety through effective utilization of police resources. The gatekeeper may also use this camera for the safety of the colony. 


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