Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Not providing sufficient apps and their updates by Microsoft for Windows Phone: Nokia

Finally Nokia comes out against Microsoft in the slow progress of providing updates in windows phone 8. From September 2012, Nokia is announcing its new phones with only a single platform i.e. windows phone 8 OS. Changes in the design of each model of Lumia series causes a new phone in the series. After a long craze of windows phone, users are switching to Android or IOS again.

Nokia is releasing its Lumia series continuously from November 2011 till today.  As Nokia lost smartphone market share in 2010 due to rise of Android, then it decided to adopt Windows phone as their primary OS. Nokia started its Lumia series with windows phone 7 OS and now the new series comes with windows phone 8 OS from September 2012 till the newest phone.

Not providing sufficient apps and their updates by Microsoft for Windows Phone
Source: http://gadgets.ndtv.com
Microsoft had provided an attractive platform i.e. windows phone, but does not releasing standard apps as fast as should be enough for the mobile OS: According to Nokia. Some latest phones of Nokia are in sequence having some advanced features but the platform will be the same i.e. windows phone 8 OS.

There are approx. 1.6 lac or above apps in the market for windows phone but missing the important apps. The windows version of some popular games is also very late for example Angry Birds, the windows version of Angry Birds release after some months of its IOS and Android version.

Nokia is not fully frustrated with Microsoft because it is developing its own imaging software. Nokia will also invest in the platform’s development on its own.


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