Monday, 29 July 2013

Samsung win the battle of top position of most profit gain mobile company on the planet , replace Apple .

Apple slipped from no.1 position as most profit gain commercial mobile company, Samsung reach ahead. Global mobile handset shipments (April to June 2013).

Company   Units (millions)  Market share
Samsung                 107  27.7%
Nokia                     61.1    15.8%
Apple                     31.2     8.1%
LG                         17.8     4.6%
ZTE                       17.6     4.6%
Other                    151.3    39.2%

According to a report Samsung has become the most profit earning mobile company of the earth left behind Apple. Samsung galaxy series plays a major role to making No.1 position of it. Net profit touches $5.2bn in the second quarter of 2013. The speed of enlargement of Smartphone market, a key of its latest success, can slow down.
Samsung put out of place Nokia as the world’s largest phone maker. Android smartphone sector gives contribution of 95% of total profit to Samsung, according to research firm Strategy Analytics. If Samsung want to maintain its position for long term, it need to introduce new and innovative products in market. The strong demand for Android Smartphone in Asia and Latin America also help Samsung to reach at No.1.

Samsung made and separate 107 million units and capture 27.7% of market share and it is enough to made Samsung the king of Smartphone. “This was the mobile phone industry’s fastest growth rate the second quarter of 2012” said Neil Shan, senior analyst at Strategy Analytics. Samsung made a good advantage of this growth. Total shipments of mobile phone were 386 million in the April –to- June, that record the 4%  increment on the same time of previous year.
On the other side Apple’s share of smartphone market decrements 14% of three years. Research firm’s director said that iPhone range is under performing. Samsung also reached at No.1 in manufacturing section with the 107 million units, replacing the Nokia with a big difference of 46 million units. Nokia holds the second position in both sections of market share and manufacturing unit.

It’s hard to maintain the top most position in future for Samsung because another companies are also ready for battleship with their latest Smartphones with new and better features. Mainly the Nokia with its Lumia series, hTc, Apple and other companies will do their best to get NO.1 position.


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