Thursday, 22 August 2013
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Canon Launched First Facebook enabled Camera: PowerShot N Facebook

Canon is going to introduce Facebook enabled camera to be compete with Android camera by Nikon. This will share your movements and video directly to Facebook. The new camera has also folding LCD like handy cam. Through one press you can share your photos and videos on Facebook.

Camera will only sport the connectivity of Wi-Fi and no more connectivity options are there like 3G/4G.  After connecting to the service press the Facebook button and you will be available on Facebook for comment and upload your pics and visuals from your camera.

The camera is coming with the 12.1 megapixel, an 8x zoom, 28 mm wide angle lens and 2.8 –inch touchscreen LCD. A “creative” mode is also available there to find the best possible picture from mixing of composition, color and lighting of your shots.

Other devices are also available in market with dedicated Facebook button but they did not have too much success. Before canon’s PowerShot N Facebook people use the regular version of this camera like an overpass to Facebook, people send their pictures wirelessly to phone and then they share, it gave idea to Canon to make a dedicated button for Facebook.

The cost of PowerShot N Facebook will be $299.99 and it will be available only on Canon Direct online store in September. Other three PowerShots are also unveiling by Canon with highly developed connectivity capabilities. The PowerShot G16, S120 and SX510 can quickly transmit the picture to an Android device or an IOS through the Canon Camera windows App.


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