Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Firefox OS has been Announced by Mozilla with HTML based and Open Source Feature

Mozilla has been announced its first Operating System named Firefox OS, which is HTML based and open source, for smartphones and tablet computers. It is totally based on web technology and community based system for mobile devices, using HTML 5, CSS, and C++ etc. These products will be available in Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela etc.

Mobile operating systems (Mobile OS), is the OS that operates a mobile, tablet or digital mobile devices. Modern mobile operating systems are coming in to the market with the features of touchscreen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, camera, voice recorder, maps and etc. Most common mobile OS are Android, Blackberry, iOS, Asha, Windows Phone etc.

The new Firefox OS, which is HTML based and open source mobile OS, should be an alternative OS to others like some of entry-level smartphones. Mozilla announces its smartphones with the latest Firefox OS on Monday: Alcatel One Touch Fire and ZTE Open. Both devices will be available soon in Telefonica and Deutsche telecom.

Firefox OS Announced by Mozilla with HTML based and Open source Features
source: daily.bhaskar

We are proud to work with partners like Telefonica which see the potential to deliver an experience for first time smartphone users which will delight them and really put the power of the web in everyone’s hands”: by Chief Operating Officer of Mozilla.

Telefonica has tweeted that ZTE open (cheapest developer unit), consist of Qualcomm Snapdragon processor of 1 GHz, 256 MB Ram and all the common features including some special ones. Alcatel One Touch Fire have same specification as ZTE Open. Both smartphones have all the common features like camera, micsoSD card slot, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and many more.

Telefonica has also announced that they will soon bring the Sony and Huawei products with Firefox OS in to the market.


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