Thursday, 15 August 2013

Firefox Phone launches in Us, Britain by ZTE

Chinese telecom company ZTE announced to sell a low-cost smartphone using the open source Firefox operating system in US and Britain.

According to ZTE it will be sold through eBay in the US for $79.99 and in Britain for 59.99 pounds.

It can use on a variety of mobile networks and uses the open source Firefox OS by nonprofit Mozilla Foundation which is aiming of breaking the dominance of Google's Android and Apple's iOS.

ZTE vice president Dai Wenhong said that "company is devoted in providing more options to customers globally and enabling them to live better lives via advanced technology. The ZTE Open offes customers a smartphone experience at a very reasonable rates specially for those looking to upgrade to a smartphone for the first time.

The phone will be orange in color for US and British, blue for sale in Spain and Venezuela , and black for Colombia.

The Firefox OS uses applications on HTML5, a Web standard which operates across platforms, unlike those developed for specific systems such as Apple iOS or Google Android.


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