Friday, 2 August 2013

First Digital Camera with Android Operating System by Nikon's

You have listen about smartphones with digi cam functionality. But have you listen about digi cam with smartphone functionality?
Thanks to new Nikon's point-and-shoot camera which is powered with Android operating system.

Earlier when camera was introduced in cellphones, then camera company's were not shocked and stunned much, because that camera was of very low resolution quality, does not have the facility of interchangeable lenses, doesn't have much sensors and not any facility of manual controls. These cellphones also doesn't have facility like high-ISO for low-light shooting, megazoom, and rugged bodies for the outdoors.

But after the introduction of Android and windows phones in market with a very high resolution camera and many other vast features, people started to spend on good smartphones which provide multi-functionality  in a single device in comparison to digital cameras which provide only shooting facility.

So Nickon launched $350 Coolpix S800c  new camera which will go ahead and left behind these smartphones very soon.

It has 3.5 inch touch screen that enables users to access Google Play Store where user can download more apps for their camera, including editing tools and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. It doesn't have cellular connection but have Wi-Fi connectivity for sharing pictures and data.The camera also allows user to use all the android applications like sending mails, browsing internet, listening music and playing games etc.

The camera also has features like -  10X zoom, can shoot 1080p videos, and GPS and maps for tagging with locations. It has fully automated controls with no manual controls. The S800c is running Android 2.3, known as Gingerbread.

Nickon is the first to launch Android camera and thats why also left behind Samsung and Sony by combining features of smartphone and camera.


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