Friday, 9 August 2013

ITC Banned Samsung Products Infringed on Apple Patents: Apple Won the Case against Samsung

International Trade Commission handed down a judgment in favor of Apple against Samsung, regarding the design of smartphones and tablet computers. ITC banned Samsung from marketing some devices that are under infringement on the Apple patents.

Patent war is a battle between corporations to secure its parent from copying. Patent wars have occurred in a wide range of technologies. There are some ongoing patent wars between the world’s largest corporations like Apple, Samsung, Google, Yahoo, HTC and etc.

Apple patent win against Samsung
source: cnn
In the case of Apple against Samsung, ITC said that Samsung products are infringed on two Apple patents i.e. headset plug detection and touchscreen multi-touch. The court now ruled Samsung not to marketing the infringed products on the Apple patents.

In 2011, Apple filed a case against Samsung in patent infringement in which: Samsung’s Galaxy devices are very similar to Apple’s design. Apple and Samsung were suing some ongoing cases across the countries. Earlier, While Samsung won its cases in South Korea, Japan and UK, Apple won the case in US.

Apple has filed its claim 2nd time on Aug 2012, stating more of the Samsung products violate Apple patents including Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 10.1. Finally Apple won its battle against Samsung after a waste of time.

Beside all this, Samsung may release software updates -for example user will use the technology the same way but Samsung may change “how to use”.


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