Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Leaders of personal computer makers ready to introduce a new kind of device: tablet-cum-laptops.

Leading manufacturers including Dell, Lenovo, Acer and HP are ready to launch hybrid of laptop and tablet. There is an all new series of gadget is ready to hit Indian market. A crossbred of laptops and tablet is a new arrival for the users and every leading company wants to join it with their product.


According to P Krishnakumar, executive director and head of consumer business at Dell India said, “On one side the pc market is not growing, while on other face more and more people are getting used to the touch interface. The question is, ‘Do you want to complain or do something about it.” It is clear from this statement that companies are ready to get full advantage of markets hypothesis.
In 2012, Smartphone shipments in India grew 48% to 16.3 million units; on other hand PC market grew at a slow rate of 3.5% to 11 million units from 10.5 million units at same time. So the Leading PC makers change their concept.

PC makers like HP, Dell, Acer gambling on touch based laptops, a new device to beat reduce speed. “Touch will bring interest back to PC market but overall volumes will not increase but steady the decline,” says Ranjit Agarwal, research director at technology research firm of UK.


Top 5 tablet-cum-laptops available in India are following with specification:
1. Asus Taichi: RAM: 4GB DDR3, Processor: Intel core i7-3517m (1.9GHz), Price Rs.: 1,39,999.
2. Samsung ATIV smart PC Pro: RAM: 4GB DDR, Processor: Intel core i5, Price Rs.: 75,490.
3. HP Envy X2: RAM 2GB, Processor: Intel Atom 1.8GHz, Price Rs.: 48,200.
4. Dell XPS 12 Convertible: RAM: 4GB DDR3, Processor: 3rd Gen Intel Core i5-3317U(2.6GHz), Price Rs.: 89,990.
5. Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13: RAM: 8GB DDDR3, Processor: 3rd Gen Intel Core i3-3217U, Price Rs.: 84,290.
Device makers having also a challenge about their touch-based devices at sensibly price to make them  in consumers reach.


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