Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Nokia Works on 6-Inch Phablet With 20 MP Camera: Report

After launching its biggest ever smartphone, Lumia 625, Nokia is ready to make entry in Phablet section with 6-inch wide screen. The smartphone Lumia 625 with 4.7- inch screen (biggest in Nokia smartphones) may be replaced by this phablet in future. The size of this device will be 6-inch, rumors says.

Lumia 625
The way of phablet section is not easy for Nokia because other major companies like Sony, Samsung and Huawei is already present there with their products. The news came from the tech news site "The verge, source of news site reported that Nokia is working on phablet with 6-inch display". The photo of this phablet is also leaked.

Nokia works on 6-inch phablet with 20 MP camera

Tech Specification:

Nokia’s new phablet will run on quad-core Snapdragon processor with full HD display. A 20 megapixel camera will be present in phablet to capture you movements. The OS will be windows 8, as usual. The report says "Bandit will be the first of many planned 1080p Windows Phone devices".

Currently windows 8 smart phone does not support full HD display, but this one came with GDR3 update that will be also realize with same device. This update will also support quad-core processor which will running on Windows OS.

Other phablets like Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Note III and Huawei Ascent Mate are available in the market with same features except Android OS, so it is not a path of flower for Nokia, and will get good compete from the other company.
Nokia will introduce the device in fourth quarter of this year. The price of Nokia Phablet will be approx. $620 to $780.


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