Friday, 16 August 2013

Now Turn Anything To Touchscreen.

Microsoft & Ubi is going to introduce a software that can turn anything in touchscreen doesn't matter it is a wall, a screen or a desk. Before this, it was only seen in Hollywood films but now it will in truth. Microsoft is working on this project with Ubi interactive and also selling software with same company. Ubi’s software can support touchscreen of two sizes one is 45 inch and other is 100 inch.
Ubi was one of 11 startups selected to build up apps and software that can work with the Kinect, under the “Kinect Accelerator” program from Microsoft. According to Ubi technology touchscreen are useful but very costly especially large screen that are used in conference or in store displays. Kinect can help them to reduce the coast of touchscreen. This is also work with already set up projector and television. The price is also friendly,  for 45 inch screen’s software it is only $150 and for 100 inch screen you will pay $379.
A finger touch can be sense by the Kinect combo software, it allowing the user to execute all usual functions of a touch screen like click, scroll, drag and drop.

 Anup Chathoth, Ubi CEO said “By making it possible to turn any surface into a touchscreen, we ... reduce the cost and extend the possibilities of enabling interactive displays in places where they were not previously feasible -- such as on walls in public spaces,".

Microsoft is also working on a project of a wearable projector technology, which will also usable for smartphone user to project and control the screen of their device on their hands.

Setup for Kinect combo software: It  is not a difficult one , follow the three step written below and you will setup successfully.
Connect projector and Kinect to Windows 8 PC .
Start Ubi software.
Now Ubi automatically regulate your atmosphere.


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