Saturday, 17 August 2013

Now Smartphone On Your Wrist: Samsung Will Introduce Smart Watch.

A wrist watch that will make phone calls send emails and surf the web, we are not talking about James Bond’s watch that was used in movies, we are talking about Samsung’s smart wrist watch. The device will introduced in September and most probably in first week. Now your pocket gets more space because your smartphone will on your wrist.

The device will be powered by Android and will be called “Galaxy Gear”. Samsung will introduce the device in Germany at an event. The market of wearable technology is likely to touch $1.5 billion till the end of next year and Samsung know this very well and ready to lead this market with the help of their smart device. This is the first step of Samsung in wearable technology.

The other major companies also in line to entered in wearable technology. Apple is also working on its own smart watch named iWatch. Google is working on the kinks on Google Glass, which will the market early next year. Microsoft is supposed to be making a prototype smart watch that would run on Window 8. Acer is not behind from the other companies and announces that it will realise a wearable Device in 2014, but did not specify what type.
Google glass

Reps of Samsung are not available for comment on this report. Neither the technical specifications, nor the price available for the device. The mystery will open on 4th September in Berlin.


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