Thursday, 8 August 2013
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Now smartphone will fight against HIV and AIDS.


Fight against HIV and AIDS with make use of  your Smartphone.


If you are a user of Android Smartphone and tablet, now you can contribute your unused power for scientific research. With the help of a new app you can make a contribution of unused computing power of your smartphone and tablet. This app works when your device is associated to Wi-Fi, battery is close to full-charge and plugged in, so it won’t use your data plan and battery. One more important thing is that scientists can use it only when, smartphone is not in use.

When joint with the additional power of thousands of other “donated” devices, the set of connection of phones create a quasi-supercomputer to be had for use by scientist. This project is named FightAids@Home by scientists. This project is run by the Olson Laboratory and The Scripps Research Institute and is powered by IBM’s World Community Grid. Many other scientific research projects are also supported  by the World Community Grid but it is first of its type.

The non-profit research institute cuts down the cost of research and also the time that  takes to get result by using the crowed supported network work as a super computer. Working at  a supercomputer  is expensive for the no profitable research institute because the charges is $1,000 per hour. Scientists are searching for new drugs that can be helpful to fight against HIV virus.
According to IBM spokesperson  AriFishkind “When we first sat down with researchers, they proposed projects that were far too modest because that's what has been available to them, now they can access a great deal more power.”

Before the project FightAdis@Home, the scientists could use network power of desktop and laptops only.  Drugs using in disease ‘schistosomiasis’ is recognize in just one year with the help of smartphone network and expected time for this was 30 year.  Every one should understand  importance of this type of projects  and come ahead to support  them.


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