Saturday, 10 August 2013

Wearable Tech May Serve as Health Monitor: Apple iWatch

Wearable technology gadgets are growing much more in compare with other technologies. According to this technology, just worn the gadget on the body and it will do everything from body performance and movement. There are many gadgets in the market which can be wearable doesn't matter it is a Google glass, eye watch of Sony and wearable camera.

Apple iWatch may serve as Health Monitor
source: ndtv

There may be a new entry (iWatch) in wearable tech by the multinational corporation Apple, caught by rumors. Apple, also called an expert in designing, developing and marketing consumer electronics as well as personal computers. Smart watches (today’s desirable gadget) may hit the market offering extra usages for an item.

Hundreds of designers are working day n night on this project to develop a perfect smart watch. They are trying to let the watch doing all the function done by Smartphones till today. Besides all these common features the iWatch will be used as a Health Monitor. When the system discover a potential health treat, immediately the iWatch will notify the person wearable the watch.

The project is completing by engineers from all the departments of Apple including biometric team that will provide some new features in iWatch i.e. sleep analysis, fingerprint scanners and other sensors.

Apple did not leak the release date of this smart watch not even the price, but the report says that it will come soon in the market.


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