Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Now Turn Sony Bravia T.V in to Smart T.V

Now with the help of new Bravia Smart Stick you can turn you basic Bravia in to a Smart TV. Sony unveil the smart stick for its Bravia HDTV, through this you can connect with internet. Plug the device in to Bravia’s HDMI port and go ahead to set internet connection on your TV.

                                    sony smart stick

The Smart Stick from Sony is like the Google’s Chromecast but this device have more features in comparison of Google Chromecast.

With the help of Smart tick you can download Apps from Google Play. Device is also capable to play videos from YouTube and have also right of entry to Amazon Instant Video. The Smart Stick have its own remote to control it. Google TV along Netflix apps and features like voice search support, browsing and picture at same time in two different window on your display are also active features of Smart Stick.
On the other hand in Google’s Chromecast, you should need smartphone or tablet to use as a remote for Chromecast. In chromecast you have limited options for watch video from internet. The Google’s device is currently support Netflix and YouTube with Pandora on the way.

sony smart stick

Sony Smart Stick’s price is $149 which is $100 more than the chormecast. Chormecast’s price is only $35. Sony’s Smart Stick will work with only Sony’s Bravia TV with the model year of 2013.


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