Tuesday, 29 October 2013

iNap@work for iphone: Apps for lazy person who works in office

iTunes : A latest information for office workers who they think that they tired after a period of time and want to rest. In smart phone life there are many apps available in market. Now a days a latest apps launched in market named as "iNap@work". Its having many features for smart phone lovers like

  • Added alarm timer to help with those power naps!\
  • Funny apps and good sense of humor.
iNap@work for iphone
Basically this types of apps designing from users ideas. After a period of time every office worker want to take rest in office, on that time they think that wish any apps availabled in phone which is used for play. Lastly a new apps launched in market for office workers , which is used for generating different types of sound which is related to keyboard , mouse or any other office devices.

Apps available in lowest prices 


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