Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Continuous Auto-Focusing Enabled with EOS C100 Cinema Camera: Canon

Camera, a simple word have some special feature to capture your movements and store that for future references. Now a days this will become a viral in humans, because it have lots of features and functionality like night modes, flash for darkness, colour layers, auto-focusing and etc. to apply more effects on your pics.

Canon is a well-known Japanese corporation specialized in the manufacture of imaging and optical products including cameras, camcorders, printers and etc. It has launched its latest camera with Facebook enabled feature, which automatically share your movements on Facebook by using a simple button.

Continuous Auto-Focusing Enabled with EOS C100 Cinema Camera: Canon
Auto-focusing system has been enabled now a days, which uses a sensor to focus fully automatic or on a manually selected point or area. Generally this feature mostly used for action shots by movie makers. This Latest EOS C100 Cinema Camera upgrades its features with the Dual pixel CMOS AF technology, which also provide AF lock controls, focus pre-sets and centre-only focusing.

It also have DIGIC DV III image processor, EF lenses mount with EF contacts, Dual SDHC/SDXC memory cards slots, HDMI outputs an uncompressed signal, Two XLR audio connectors, and many more including reduced rolling shutter skews and peripheral illumination correction.

This camera is fully designed for only one-person operation, and have complete manual control over both audio and video recording.

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