Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Do More Stuff with Windows Phone 8 Battery Options: Battery App Update

Battery app of Window Phone 8 will gets new update that are now available for download. The unofficial battery app is free and collects good reviews from the user. On the basis of 16000 reviews, app have got a majority of five-stars. New app include a lot of fresh and cool statistics.

Windows Phone 8 Get New Update for Battery App: Get Good Review

The previous version of app have simple battery management options. It displayed current status of phones battery, how much time user have before the phone turns off and other features like current battery charge percent, remaining time until battery is fully charged, shows phone connectivity status. The app have also an option to show the notification related to battery like, low battery, fully charged. Some live tile features like background color based current charge percent, was available in previous version.

Now this app comes with the following changes in feature, notifications and live tiles.


  • Details of battery status on lock screen
  • Detailed statistics of battery usage
  • Rate chart of battery usage and rich battery usage
  • Time since last charge
  • Remaining time to full charge


  • low battery notification
  • fully charged notification
  • notify when battery is discharging rapidly

Live tile features:

  • Customizable theme color
  • Shortcuts of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode settings, location
  • Restore, back-up and save the history of Sky Drive
  • Save chart as picture


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