Thursday, 21 November 2013

Enjoy Full HD videos on Large Screen: YouTube app for Xbox One

No surprise if developers are going to be developing some apps for Xbox One’s music or videos. Xbox One got its new app in the market i.e. YouTube app, lets the user watch its favourite videos and channels on the big screen.

Enjoy Full HD videos on Large Screen: YouTube app for Xbox One

YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform and inspire other across the globe. As well as it contains a bulk of videos and channels in multiple languages. And for developers it is very helpful to develop a YouTube app for any platform. There are so many articles and embedded videos to enable its videos in your web or mobile app, and also for customizing the player.

Xbox One, Games and Entertainment Together, delivers an entertainment experience like nothing before. This is an entirely new Kinect for a new generation of entertainment with real vision, real motion and real voice which makes it more responsive and intuitive.

“Love YouTube? Love Xbox? You can now watch your favourite videos and channels with the YouTube app for Xbox one. Check out videos in 1080p glory, catch the latest from your subscriptions like Polaris, or see trending videos from categories like Music and sports,” Statement of Google in a blog post.

The app contains all the music commands like play, pause, fast forward and other options which will pop up on the screen. The simplicity of scrolling videos by your hand, makes the app very efficient.

Some features will be launching later by the app developers that may be launch on early in the November.


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