Saturday, 16 November 2013

First Smartphone with Three-Sided Display “Samsung Galaxy “: Report

Samsung is working on a smartphone with three sided display, a report from Bloomberg said, that next smartphone of Galaxy series will come with such type of display. Samsung have a plan, to introduce the Galaxy smartphone with three sided display from second half of next year.

First Smartphone with Three-Sided Display “Samsung Galaxy “: Report

Samsung upgrade its newest technology for the device with tree side-display, technology named “Youm”. Youm technology was firstly introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas in January. The technology of Youm was used in curved Galaxy Round handset before this. The patent application of Youm technology was submitted by Samsung in May of this year, but it is published on site of company on yesterday. According to Samsung’s plan each side will operate independently.

Samsung doesn’t specific exact release date for the new device, but according to rumours it will introduced in 2014.  Samsung is planning to expand the area of devices which is based on flexible display. The cause of this type of planning is the battle of No. 1 position between apple and Samsung. At present time Samsung sell about one device out of every three. Apple is also working on curved display smartphone with enhanced sensors.

The smartphone of Samsung with three-sided display will run on Android OS. No other information came out about the device yet.


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