Wednesday, 6 November 2013

“Initial Public Offering” price set at $26 by Twitter on Thursday

Twitter’s IPO (Initial public offering) price has been sets at $26 after many variations or, say besides other ranges. Twitter have its outstanding and restricted stock, which will be available after this IPO, it is one of the most reasons why price of twitter grows more than $18 billion.

“Initial Public Offering” price set at $26 by Twitter on Thursday
The well-popular news about twitter: twitter announced that it would file an ipo contains approx. 800 page filing. Plan behind this ipo is to raise some price in its stock market, because twitter has never turned any profit in its existence.

Twitter has made many decisions about the pricing of shares like $17, $23 and $ 25, which are rumours now. These variations are going on from September onwards. At the last it has been reached to $26, which may become the final price for this ipo.

Max Wolff, chief economist and strategist at ZT Wealth said: “A tech IPO like Twitter with no profit is an emotional event, not a fundamental event. You either believe or you don’t. Above $26, I think this thing starts to look a little dicey.”


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