Thursday, 21 November 2013

Nokia 501 Users, Make Groups and Send Unlimited images/audio/video through WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, is now developed for Nokia Asha 501, with all the services it can offer. As Asha 501 is only 2G and Wi-Fi network smartphone, the app lets user message friends on their 2G network.

WhatsApp messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app, allows the user to pass messages free of cost. Earlier this app is only available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android operating systems. From today onwards this app will also be available for Asha OS and of course with all the services.

Nokia 501 Users Make Groups and Send Unlimited images/audio/video through WhatsApp
nokia Asha
Asha 501 will automatically add all the contacts (already using the app), when you install and login in the app. Just pick up the contact you want to chat and send your message with given command button “send”. All of these, this app have also an option to list your contacts as favourites.

You can get message notifications for your app on the lock screen, feels like the app is running in the background. Yes it may be running in the background, like some other apps have. It is not necessary to run this app in background, but if it will not, you can’t get any notification after closing the app.

Using the app, it is easy to add smileys/emoticons with your messages as well as images, video files. Everything you want to send, you can send easily through this app, even you can send voice messages.

Users can download this app from the Store in their phone. Earlier publisher EA launched a game Medal of Honor for the same smartphone, it seems app development is on boom for Nokia Asha 501.


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