Thursday, 21 November 2013

Nokia Music app Get new Name and Available for Windows Phone 8 users: Nokia MixRadio

Nokia launch a new app or you can say updated the old one, Nokia Music now comes with new look, new features and also with new name of “Nokia Mixradio”. The app is now available free for Windows phone 8 users and app is exclusively available for Lumia series handset.

Nokia Music app Get new Name and Available for Windows Phone 8 user: Nokia MixRadio

Nokia MixRadio have include the following features:

No need to sign up, no subscription
Over a hundred mixes crafted from a collection of 22 million songs
Play Me is a modified mix, get inspiration from your music profile
For refine your music profile two options Thumbs up/ Thumbs down is available
Shares your mixes on social networking sites with your friends and family
Bug fixes
Offline playback

Nokia MixRadio comes with a option of ‘Premium Upgrade’, which will gives unlimited downloads and much more to users, but it’s not cost free, user must have spent $3.99  for one month. But it is only an option and basic app is totally free.

The Nokia MixRadiio apps will working in selected countries at the moment: Australia; Austria; Brazil; Canada; China; Finland; France; Germany; India; Indonesia; Ireland; Italy; Malaysia; Mexico; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Russia; Saudi Arabia; Singapore; South Africa; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Thailand; Turkey; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; United States of America; Vietnam.

The words about the app at description “Introducing the next generation of Nokia Music, Nokia MixRadio, bringing you free, personalized music with no advertising. Listen to the music you want to hear with Play Me, a constant stream of music created just for you. Use Thumbs up and Thumbs down to tell us what you like so that your mix gets better and better every time you play. It’s like having your own personal radio station".


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