Friday, 8 November 2013

Smartphone Notification Make Fragrance: Strawberry, Mint, Coffee and Lavender Flavor

No more irritation from alerts of your smartphone, now you can feel fragrance with every notification and every alert.

“Scentee” a white round shaped device, will make it true. The device can plugs into earphone jack of your smartphone and spread fragrance each and every time, when you get alert. Four types of flavour of fragrance are also available, these are Mint, Coffee, Strawberry and Lavender. Next time you will feel a fragrance, when someone like your pic on Facebook or you receive a text message.

Los Angeles Times

Light of “Scentee” will also glow with every notification and an in-built LED light made for this purpose. Each cartridge of fragrance gives you 100 sprays and you have also option to refile the cartridge at the coast of $ 5.

The device can adjust with both iOS and Android phones, but you must have an app for that one. It will launch on November 15 in Japan. No statement made by the company, yet on when the gadget will available on the other parts of world.  


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