Monday, 25 November 2013

Tabbed Browsing with Voice Command Enabled Surfy App for Windows Phone 8

Surfy app is ready with updated version for Windows Phone 8 users, provides advanced speech capability. Surfy browser offers tabbed browsing with full screen mode and also orientation looking feature so that user can control its switching from landscape mode to portrait.

Tabbed Browsing with Voice Command Enabled Surfy App for Windows Phone 8

Desktop browsers provides no of features like tabbed browsing, help options, speech recognition and most of them autocomplete suggestions. Surfy browser updates are trying to make this like desktop browsers. The browser functions includes in-app help and feedback also through which users can add their ideas.

Here’re the advanced features this browser have:

  • Voice command support, by-default this will add title of your favorite as command.
  • Toast confirmation will show when exit the app.
  • Don’t save history and also open a blank tab in case of private browsing.
  • Improvement in layout of the app, download and check it out.
  • Night time dimmer feature, provides you dim light working in night.
  • Can directly share on LinkedIn with “Share to LinkedIn” option.
  • Homepage is also modifiable, you don’t want Surfy homepage then change it.
  • System tray will also visible with app bar menu, displaying the time also.
  • User can open their favorite in active tab.
  • Includes more feature with version wise updates here.

The app is initially free with only three tab browsing feature, if you want more tabs then you have to pay. Paid version provides six tabs and users can have some more options whey buy.

The app have three app bar buttons on main screen, new tab button on left, full screen button on right and the most important i.e. dashboard in center that provides quick access to your favorites, help and about the app.

The app can be download from the windows phone store.


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