Friday, 8 November 2013

USB Portable Power-Bank with Extra Capacity of 2800mAh: SONY CP-V3

Sony has launched its new USB portable charger with 2800 mAh capacity, which can fully charge your device. The new charger tagged by CP-V3 weighted 84g only. The device is compatible with all the latest smartphones and capable of providing emergency back-up power.

USB Portable Power-Bank with Extra Capacity of 2800mAh: SONY CP-V3
In today’s busy life, every person have its own problems, “just forgot to charge mobile’s battery” is common among them. This time, we think about to buy another battery for our device, and it will happen again and again.

Portable charger is the best solution for this problem. Many companies are launching their portable USB chargers to charger our device anywhere anytime. Sony have its own portable chargers having more battery backup in compare to another chargers. This charger is based on lithium-ion polymer technology.

“The CP-V3 USB portable charger is ready to use straight out of its packaging, so even if you find yourself outside with a dying device, emergency power is immediately available upon purchase with the help of micro-USB cable that comes with the charger” Says the company in a release.

The power bank can be re-chargeable by your computer’s USB port or any AC adapter. This device is available in 5 colour variants and only for Rs. 1,590 in India.


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