Saturday, 16 November 2013

Wi-Fi Speakers with Apple AirPlay for iPad, iPhone and iPod Users: Logitech UE Air Speakers

Logitech, shipping its latest and innovative technology speakers with in-built hide-away dock to charge your iPhone or iPad device. The dock is retractable means automatically disappears when you don’t need it. These speakers are based on Apple Airplay technology and home Wi-Fi network, that’s why one can switch from one device to another.

Wi-Fi Speakers with Apple AirPlay for iPad, iPhone and iPod Users: Logitech UE Air Speakers
According to Logitech, UE (Ultimate Ears) Air Speakers are driving constantly innovate using the latest audio technology to sharpen our unmistakable UE sound signature. This sound signature provide pure, undiluted audio that’s rich, clear and perfectly tuned every time. These are 360 degree speakers that drops bold, immersive sound in every direction.

Speakers are featured with some advanced technologies listed below:

  • With Apple AirPlay provides uncompressed audio over home Wi-Fi from your device like iPad, iPod, iPhone or laptop.
  • No pairing required to connect devices. The speakers can be simply connected to your network and all your iOS devices.
  • Using Apple dock connector, you can easily charge your device or can play music from.
  • Sync your music with your movements around the house with add AirPlay speakers.
  • It look great in design, can be imagine from the above image.

Logitech UE speakers, designing like a sleek piano-black finish, can be used as a showpiece in your house. UE speakers provides full and balanced sound, its dual performance pump out clear mids and vibrant highs.

These speakers can be brought from the eBay official website at the lowest rate in the market i.e. $139. Amazon is also selling the same model in $176 with more rating in comparison of eBay.


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