Saturday, 23 November 2013

Windows Phone 8 Store got New Updates for Tapatalk, Yammer and NFL Mobile Apps

Windows Phone 8 users, which are using Tapatalk, Yammer or NFL Mobile app, ready for updating these apps from your store. Each particular publisher released some updates with the advanced features to let the user be advanced.

Windows Phone 8 Store got New Updates for Tapatalk, Yammer and NFL Mobile Apps

In earlier days app developers are continually focus on the windows phone apps development and sometimes updates for them. That’s why Windows phone 8 Store have many apps in the list, some of them are free and some are paid. Tapatalk, Yammer and NFL Mobile apps are some of them and free of cost.

Tapatalk app description described, “The only mobile app combining over 60,000+ internet communities with a streamlined mobile experience, allowing users to share and follow thoughts and opinions to all your communities’ within a single app.”. And the best thing is user may be stay connected with their favourite community with this award-winning windows phone app.

Yammer app, says “Stay connected. On your Device”, makes the user productive anytime, anywhere. Provides company updates, messages and other notifications after registering this app. The app is available for Android, iPhone/iPhone and Windows Phone. This app has the ability to let the user can check their office documents, PDFs, images as well as Notes appearing in the feed.

NFL Mobile app is developed to bring football right to your phone. This app is available with some of the outstanding features like Custom Team Alerts, Fantasy Football, Video Highlights, like NFL webcasts and many more.

However, it is not exactly specified about the updates released, but some previously occurred errors/bugs have been fixed by the developers. In short these apps are available in the windows phone store with address bug solution, improve performance, better usability and more.


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