Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Without Screen Communication using Wristband: Woodenshark TapTap

Now a new and fresh way to communicate with each other rather than text message, tweet and phone call, yes now you can talk without a screen. Woodenshark made a wristband with the tag of “TapTap”, the device is made to communicate with each other, without a screen.

Woodenshark offering two wristbands at $130, company mainly target the people who are in relationship. The device will provide you seven days battery back-up, after full charging of battery. User have to download an app by his/her android smartphone to use this device and connect the email through this. The email of another person will be connected in other wristband. The device will also working with iPhone 4S or higher model.

Communicate without the Need of a Screen: Woodenshark TapTap Wristband

The device comes with a capacitive sensor, an accelerometer sensor and a LED light, which will warn you about low battery or any missed taps. Wristband have many color variants, user can choose according to wish. The company is still working on "TapTap" to make it smarter and include some new features like alarm and game controller using the different apps on your smartphones.

“The wristband primarily focuses on people in a romantic relationship, people have already proposed other uses. The company's Kickstarte campaign has helped the team consider some of the proposed alternative uses. People can create their own language. We are testing TapTap with our close circles like friends and family and some couples they use just two or three different ways of tapping each other with different meanings. Like, one tap 'I am missing you' and several taps in a row 'just take a look at your phone or check something, I'm writing.” reported by founder of Woodenshark, Dmitry Gorilovsky, at Mashable.


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