Monday, 25 November 2013

ZTE Smartwatch Launch in China Only In 2014: Works only with its own Phone

Chines mobile phone manufacturer company ZTE announced that they are ready to jump in smartwatch sector and will launch its first smartwatch in second quarter of 2014. Company also claims that ZTE smartwatch features may be similar to Samsung Galaxy Gear, but price would be lower.

Mr Lu Qianhao Head of handset marketing strategy told to WSJ that “smartwatch will offer technological features that are similar to existing products such as the Galaxy Gear, but will sell for lower prices as it tries to appeal to China’s cost-conscious consumers. We are focusing on the mainstream market.”

ZTE Smartwatch Launch in China Only In 2014: Works only with its own Phone

Mr Lu add “The upcoming ZTE smartwatch, which doesn’t have an official name yet, will only be compatible with its own smartphones, but the company may consider releasing other smartwatches in the future that will work with all Android smartphones from any brands, their upcoming unnamed smartwatch should help make ZTE’s smartphones more attractive among consumers. He also stated that ZTE plans to sell the smartwatch in the home-market (China) initially but will gradually enter European and US markets.”

The upcoming smartwatch from ZTE will comfortable with only ZTE handsets. ZTE not assigned any name to the device yet. The smartwatch will launch in second quarter of next year and will hit the market in next quarter. Firstly the device will available in China only and after that company will expand its sell in USA and European market. ZTE will become the first Chinese company to sell such type of device.


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