Thursday, 5 December 2013

Track Restaurants and Place Order by Windows Phone: Mobile App

Windows phone have its own app store including all of your favorite apps and some amazing elites. Windows phone users don’t need to go anywhere for taking some food only, because released its new app, responsible for track down some nearby restaurants and place orders.

Track Restaurants and Place Order by Windows Phone: Mobile App

Currently this app is working in cities around the US, will cover some more countries soon. The apps is free for windows phone users fulfilling only one condition i.e. they either should have an account or have to enter their details, to download the app from the windows phone app store.

Restaurant, basically liable to prepare and serves food to its customers, vary greatly in appearance and offerings. Earlier, some of them started to take order on phone calls and then deliver the product at destination. Afterwards the order have been placed either using internet or using a simple submit button.

Most often computer users can’t choose to go somewhere and take meal, because of their busyness. This app enables them to quickly track local restaurants that offer a food delivery service. The app also have an option to store your credit card’s details for further fast payments.

Just enter your address and a list of restaurants/stores will be shown to you. All the items are listed with their prices, after choosing your items it will show you the cart with selected items. Complete the process and user will get a confirmation Order Placed, with the total price of your order. Tap on Checkout button for further processing.

Track Restaurants and Place Order by Windows Phone: Mobile App

Here’re some of the features of this app:
  • Fast payments because of storing your credit cards details.
  • Cover most of the cities like New York, Chicago, Boston and etc.
  • Better option to filter user's search.
  • Customization enabled cart option.
The app is published by and it is available on the windows phone store, to be downloaded by the windows phone users.


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