Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Get Notified by Latest iOS Gadget, Wearable Smart Ring for Smartphone

Top news for Smartphone lovers, a brand new device In Gadget market, easy for wearing with high features for iOS and Android. The device comes to fulfill the scarcity in smart phones recently.

This New 'smart' ring sends smartphone updates to your finger, it is a new Bluetooth-enabled wearable device launched in market to get updated with their important calls or text messages, when missed them by reported by finger alert.

Get Notified by Latest iOS Gadget, Wearable Smart Ring for Smartphone

Using Smart Ring mobile app, user can manage settings of this gadget and can even use the device as a watch. Users can also check their social network updates in real time like notifications and messaging.
The stainless-steel ring has a 24-hour battery life. Android and iOS devices are all compatible, as long as they have Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities, according to Smarty Ring's Indiegogo page.
Wearable technologies, growing so fast in compare to other technologies, has added many devices now a days. Earlier Apple have also launched its watch with some special features like sleep analysis or some scanner, based on wearable technologies. After that watch, its time to wear a ring supports your all incoming notifications from the iOS smartphone.

This wearable ring will take care of your notifications, type doesn't matter, it will notify you with a beep sound. Through that beep sound, user can easily know about something left behind in the smartphone.


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