Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Next Generation Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Leaks Specifications Today

World’s biggest smartphone maker company Samsung is now concentrate on pixel competition, new smartphone (most probably Galaxy Note 4) will get the highest megapixel till the date in Samsung’s history. Samsung working on the next generation phone that will fulfill the criteria of 20 megapixels, rumors leaked the information. Earlier rumors also leaked the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S5 that will also equipped with 16 megapixel camera.

Next Generation Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Leaks Specifications Today

Samsung galaxy Note 4 will be ready to use for customers from the second half of 2014. ET News mentioned in an article that Samsung’s development team works on 20 megapixel camera components. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could get the tag of first device of Samsung with 20 MP camera. 

Samsung is still behind in development of high pixel camera, in other hand other companies like Nokia and Sony already made advantages in this segment. Samsung Galaxy S5 is other device which arises with high resolution camera and Optical Image Stabilization. 

The existing Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features with 13 megapixel and awarded by the smartphone with highest pixel in Samsung smartphone store. 

The 20 megapixel camera is expected to be an ISOCELL camera. ISOCELL refers to the quality of a camera’s image sensor, determined by the amount of light captured by individual pixel with in the sensor array. 
Samsung didn't provide any confirmation on the news.


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