Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Nokia working on Windows phone 8.1 with Dual-SIM, ’Nokia Lumia 630’: Leaks

Nokia working on windows phone that has the mechanism of dual-SIM, with the windows 8.1 OS. This is not the only thing that rumors leak, but the name of device is another thing that leaked through the rumors. Lumia 630 is the assigned name of the device from rumors.

Nokia working on Window phone 8.1 with Dual-SIM,’ Nokia Lumia 630’: Leaks

Very popular leakster @evaleaks leaks the screenshots as well the above information. According to these screenshots, it is expected that the device will run on Windows 8.1 and will get some new features on screen.

Before Nokia, all other leading companies like Samsung, HTC and Sony already launched their devices with dual-SIM slot. Now users will also use the Windows Phone with dual-SIM. It is the first ever Windows Phone 8.1 with dual-SIM slot.

Nokia working on Window phone 8.1 with Dual-SIM,’ Nokia Lumia 630’: Leaks

According to screenshot you can easily see the two signals of 3G networks. There is also presence of other apps like Nokia MixRadio, HERE Maps and the official Vine apps for Windows Phone. On the top of screenshot you can also see the clock that is showing 6:30, the Nokia aware user know about the product model number is alike the time shown  at the screen in the clock.

Not a bit of information related to technical specifications and not about the release date of device is leaked. Nothing is finalized yet because Microsoft Nokia is not made any conversation on the leaks.

We’ll keep you informed through our posts about the Nokia device.


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