Monday, 23 December 2013

Smart TV with Voice interaction and Motion control features: 2014 Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Electronics will make public its most advanced smart TV at an event in Las Vegas, which held from January 7–10. The smart TV consist of the next generation features like voice interaction and motion control. Samsung will also expand the voice interaction service in 12 new courtiers and will make their presence in 23 countries from the 11 countries.

Smart TV with Voice interaction and Motion control features: 2014 Samsung Smart TV

Kyungshik Lee, Senior Vice President of the Service Strategy Team of Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics said
Samsung’s 2014 Smart TV models deliver significantly improved voice interaction and motion control features so that our consumers will be able to enjoy our Smart TV more intuitively, we will continue to develop content that integrates voice and motion recognition for added convenience.
The user will find that the content of 2014 TV can change easily, just say the channel number and find it on your screen. It is updated service of previous version ‘TV 2013’, 2013 model have need of two steps to change TV channels, first say ‘Channel Change’ and then ‘Channel Number’. Through shortcuts user can open websites and apps.

Voice interaction is not the only mechanism that make it next generation TV but motion control is another thing. Feature of ‘finger gesture’ is also adding to improve the motion control. With the help of finger gesture user can easily adjust the TV channel, control the volume and can find and select according to their desire. Consumers can also control the video by monitoring their finger counter clockwise.

Samsung’s 2014 Smart TV will be made known at the CSE 2014 in Las Vegas.


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