Tuesday, 21 January 2014

‘4K video recording and Timeshift video’ Specification leaked: Sony D6503 Sirius

Next generation smartphone from Sony will highlighted with 4K video recording as well as time-shift video option. The device will come with the tag of ‘Sony D6503 Sirius’ and will run on Android Kitkat 4.4.2. The new device includes lot of new features like smart backlight control, two home launchers and USB DAC support.
  ‘4K video recording and Timeshift video’ Specification leaked: Sony D6503 Sirius

The most awaited feature of device was 4K video recording, which can be seen in the camera app below. Along with 4K recording another interesting feature ‘Timeshift video’ is existing, which will allow user to record in a high frame rate. Slow motion effects may also apply through the apps. The device will be equipped with ‘Glove mode’ and white balance app.

Smart backlight option is beneficial app for the users who really like to keeps the screen awake as long as the user eyeing on it. One more new app is added in the app list of Sony D6503 Sirius, “smart call handling” will control the motions for handling calls.

User will find the following features in new Sony D6503 Sirius:
  • Double tap to awake screen
  • In-built answering machine in Dialer
  • “Audio accessories” and “Hi-res Audio via USB”
  • New Personalisation options for notifications and status bar icons
  • Default SMS app can be changed
  • 16 GB internal memory with expandable option through the micro SD card
  • Better Power management with the help of “Device” and “Accessory”
  • “Location Services” now identified as “Location”
  • New option “Printing” available
  • User can adjust between Notifications and Quick Settings from the drop down menu
  • “Close all” option included
  • ‘Touch block Smal’l app included
  •   Sony D6503 Sirius is water resistant


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