Friday, 24 January 2014

Apple confirms fixing the home screen crash on iPhone devices running iOS 7

Apple fixes infamous white/black screen of death in iOS 7. The next software update iOS 7.1 will incorporate the solution.

Apple’s iOS 7 has been  released to the public back in September. It has been a revolutionary mobile OS, and widely appreciated, but not by everyone. Some of unlucky users stuck with a white/black screen, a bug which causes the iPhone to reboot randomly.

Today, Apple has now confirmed that the long-standing iOS 7 problem has been fixed in next software update.
Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller told Mashable
We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash
 The malfunction seems to affect any iOS7-powered iPhone like iOS 7, iPhone 5S. According to users, this problem occurs after the iPhone's battery goes below the 30 percent level, , and the user has to reboot the smartphone abruptly.


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